Office Locations
Natalie Watkins LinkedIn Twitter Facebook Name: Natalie Watkins
Phone: +39 391 114 3665
Office address: Via Fulcieri Paulucci Di Calboli, 30, Milano 20162
Expat since: 2013
Specialist areas: Financial planning for Expats and English speakers in Italy
Family: Natalie lives in Milan with her long term partner Sergio and their English Cocker Spaniel.
Hobbies: An active member of local women’s groups, a big fan of Zumba, gardening, visiting parks, driving around Italy, cricket, cooking, film, opera. Coming from a family of intrepid explorers, she has also so far visited 28 countries and a long list remains

Natalie has over 15 years’ experience in giving or auditing financial advice. She started working in financial services in 1999, first providing advice for clients of a high street bank in London and later an independent firm in the city. She also spent several years assessing advice given by others and has a thorough understanding of how to cut through information to get to the heart of what each client needs.

Her aim is to make sure that her clients have a focused, straightforward financial strategy that maximises tax efficiency and reaches for the best possible returns and to avoid losing wealth through misinterpretation of rules in Italy or from a lack of planning.

Natalie joined the Spectrum IFA Group in 2016 and focuses mainly on clients in the Lombardy and Piedmont regions, including the Lakes.

“Italy is such a wonderful place to live, with its rich history and beauty around every corner and I prefer my clients to enjoy life here instead of being tied up with trying to understand the regulations around their finances.

If you would like to have a discussion around your needs or have any questions about your financial situation, it would be lovely to meet you and see how I can help.”

Natalie will be hosting part of a series of financial surgeries in Italy in Spring 2017, please contact us for further details.