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Mortgages for Expats in France & Spain

If you consider purchasing a property in your home country and in your native language to be stressful, you can imagine what it can be like when purchasing abroad. With our extensive experience, we’ll make sure the whole process is smooth and professional, from purchase through to occupation.

We evaluate the best and most up to date offers available from a range of mortgage sources and look after all of the necessary legal procedures:  Our aim is to provide you with peace of mind and the reassurance that you have the best mortgage available for your personal needs.

We can offer a range of additional services to ensure your property purchase is completed satisfactorily and your legal and protection requirements are taken care of.

For a mortgage in Spain visit:  www.spectrumspanishmortgages.com

For a mortgage in France visit:  www.spectrumfrenchmortgages.com

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Due to different regulations relating to mortgages in differing jurisdictions, this service may not available in all territories.

We recently took the decision to create a separate company (SIMS) to look after the mortgage side of our business, allowing us to focus on the issues surrounding property purchase without being distracted by the other aspects of our business. You can find more information on: www.spectrum-mortgages.com

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