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Deal or no deal, are your investments ‘Brexit Proof’ ?

Irrespective of his assurances on the timing of the UK’s departure from the EU, Boris Johnson now faces a difficult, complicated and possibly career defining first few months in office. The eventual Brexit outcome is as uncertain now as it was three years ago.

However, if you live in France, Spain, Luxembourg or Belgium, did you know that you have access to secure, tax-efficient, locally authorised investment solutions backed by some of the UK’s largest and most well known financial institutions.

These products, issued from the safety of Dublin, are both EU regulated and highly tax efficient. For example, one of the largest insurance companies in the UK offers a fully French compliant (Dublin based) Assurance Vie. Another offers a Branch 23 product, which is similarly tax efficient in Belgium. Both companies offer tax efficient solutions for Spanish residents.

As a result, if and when the UK leaves the EU (and whether with or without a deal), you can still invest with companies whose names you know and trust, in a tax efficient manner, in the country you call home.

International Expat Financial Advice in Luxembourg

How our advisers in Luxembourg can help you as an expatriates with your financial planning. A Case Study: An expatriate, working and fiscally resident in Luxembourg is planning to retire to the South of France. Good retirement planning advice has taken this into account with the use of a Tax Efficient, French compliant Insurance product known as “Assurance Vie”. This allows the client to accumulate a retirement pool during their working life and also to enjoy significant tax advantages while taking benefits later on, when resident in France.

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