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Charles Hutchinson
Name: Charles Hutchinson
Phone: +34 952 79 79 23
Mobile: +34 605 903 472
Office address: Avda Libertad 5, 29680 Estepona, (Malaga), Spain
Expat since: 1994
Specialist areas: Financial & Tax planning, QROPS
Family: Married, one wife, one son (lawyer in the financial services industry), 2 Golden Labradors, one black cat (for good luck), several tree rats, a scorpion or two and some garden snakes.
Hobbies: Private pilot (Choppers and Fixed wing), Tennis, Swimming, Sailing, Dog Walking, Classic cars, Fine wines, DIY, Estate Management (I could keep going).

Charles has much experience in the financial world having first entered the City of London as a trainee investment manager in 1973. After being a Commodity Futures Broker in 1977, he ultimately became a UK qualified independent financial adviser, based in Bristol.

For climate reasons, he moved to Spain in 1994 with his family and in addition to operating in financial services, holds pilots licenses for both fixed wing and helicopters. However, he keeps his feet firmly on the ground when providing financial advice to his clients!!.

Good morning Charles

I received the Momentum statement yesterday and I am pleased to see that the returns are pretty much as you advised they would be, if I have calculated correctly.

Assuming the declared portfolio values at 31/12/2017 are net of charges then my estimate of the yields are about 6.19% for Prudential and 6.42% for OMI, resulting a final combined net return of about 6.04% after Momentum’s charges are deducted as well.

And, additionally, I can add that the residual investment, after drawing down a monthly pension income, has risen by 2.28%, so all good!

So, I think you can consider me one happy client – thanks for your good advice sir!

Ian B