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I am a 28yo Frenchman. After working in Ireland in the financial industry for two years then traveling in South America for a year.

I have settled in Barcelona and have been working for the Spectrum IFA group since 2008. I am a big sports fan (boxing, football), a backpacking traveler who loves international cuisine and listening to soul music.


30th October – Well to give you an update……. I did my last big run on Sunday (attached), ran with someone way out of my league which helps pushing my limits.

Except after 30km at that speed I collapsed at the finish line, had to lay down for 30mn on the side of the road not able to stand nor walk..

A guy even stopped to check if I was OK or needed help..! No need to say that I cannot wait for my first (and last) marathon to be over!

The Race is Over

Well, my target time was to finish under 3h45 which I failed. I passed the 30km mark at 2h32 so was on time but then started getting cramps everywhere and pain on one knee so painfully passed the finish line in 3h55mn.

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