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New registration procedure for residents (TIE)

By Chris Webb - Topics: Spain, UK bank accounts
This article is published on: 6th October 2020


Well, summer is well and truly over. After a scorching few months, which at times was unbearable, we´re now being treated to what I always tell the kids is good old English weather. The heavens opened, the sky turned a miserable shade of grey and the temperature dropped from the mid 30´s to around 16 degrees in the space of 48 hours.

We had a little respite and it warmed up a bit, but as I´m writing this the rain is steadily falling again.

So far 2020 has been a strange year. We started off with Brexit at the forefront of our minds, but that quickly turned into a Covid 19 panic. Summer seemed more relaxed and it appeared we were through the worst but now Madrid is heading back into a type of lockdown, although not as severe as in March.

So what´s new? Well, the latest shock news to hit the front pages is the threat of UK banks closing down accounts for EU residents. On top of that there is the new registration procedure for residents (TIE) which came into force in July.

Do you have a bank account in the UK but live in Spain?

Do you have a bank account in the UK but live in Spain?

By now, I am sure you have all seen the headline news saying that a number of UK banks are writing to their clients living in the EU to close down their UK banks accounts.

The news is true, we have had clients that have already received notification, but this change affects different banks and different EU countries. You probably already know that the blame for this decision lies purely with Brexit!

Looking at the information available it seems that Spain may get off lightly with this as it doesn’t get a mention, but only time will tell whether we face the same issue.

Brexit has put these banks in a difficult position, leaving them to calculate the cost and inconvenience of managing EU resident clients. Once Britain is out of the EU marketplace, the banks will be forced to adhere to individual regulations which differ from country to country. If they want to continue to service clients in any EU state, they will need the relevant licences to do so. But if it is not viable for them to arrange this, it will lead to account closures.

This is going to cause all manner of problems for those that still rely on a UK bank account. It could be for rental income to be received, bills to be paid or just a spending account for when you visit family and friends. If you are affected by these closures there are no other UK options available to you, as you can´t open a new bank account if you´re not a resident there.

modelo 720

They may offer you an international bank account, but that is yet to be determined. If you find yourself in this position then get in touch; The Spectrum IFA Group have a great working relationship with Standard Bank who offer an international account in multiple currencies, which may be the ideal solution to your predicament.

There is a great article on Money Saving Expert that also has a useful graphic detailing the latest info from a number of banks. Click on this link to see more:

The second “new thing” for us is the registration procedure for a residence card in Spain. We are all used to the green A4 or credit card sized document, but now we have the new TIE for British national’s post Brexit. We are being advised that making the change is optional and the green cards remain valid, but in my opinion it is only a matter of time before it becomes mandatory.

You can apply for the new TIE by following these three links:
EX23 – TIE Application Form

Modelo 790-12 – Payment Form

Cita Previa

I have already been through the process of changing to the TIE and I am happy to say it was the easiest piece of Spanish administration I have ever dealt with in nearly 8 years. If you want further information, I have a great article I can send on which was put together by CAB Spain and explains the exchange process as well as applying as a new resident.

Do I need to declare my UK bank accounts?

By Amanda Johnson - Topics: France, UK bank accounts
This article is published on: 10th March 2020


Yes, you do. In a drive to reduce tax evasion and ensure transparency as to where money comes from, banks are now required to share details of overseas accounts, if asked by another country’s tax authorities.

All UK bank and savings accounts need to be declared on your French Tax return. You also need to declare if you have opened or closed any accounts during the last tax year.

Any interest that you have received on these accounts must also be declared. The penalties if you are found to have not declared accounts are very stiff, at up to €1500 per account.

In France, there are tax efficient savings accounts called Livret A and you can save up to €22,950 per person. The interest is not subject to French income tax or social charges and it is a perfect account for an emergency fund because you have access to this savings account without a notice period. For money that you can put aside for a longer period, it is worth getting in touch with me to discuss whether an Assurance Vie would be suitable for your needs.

Whether you want to register for our newsletter, attend one of our road shows or speak to me directly, please call or email me on the contacts below & I will be glad to help you. We do not charge for reviews, reports or recommendations we provide.

Brexit uncertainty and much more…

By John Hayward - Topics: BREXIT, Costa Blanca, Spain, UK bank accounts
This article is published on: 19th September 2018


Brexit uncertainty, losing access to UK bank accounts, victims of mis-sold pension and investment plans, personal visits from HMRC, and kids (sort of) go back to school

Brexit uncertainty
Not for the first time, I was asked how Brexit would affect my work in Spain. My standard answer is I don´t know, in the same way I don´t know for sure what the weather is going to be like tomorrow, irrespective of the forecasts which are given. Based on warnings, especially from social media sources, the weekend should have seen us floating down to Masymas on a dinghy. As it turned out, we had a pretty heavy shower providing some surface water in which a toy dinghy would probably have avoided running aground. Of course, I understand that other parts of Spain have suffered; coastal areas have been hit with tornadoes and waterspouts. My point is, even if you have a good idea what is going to happen, it is rare that things will happen as predicted. In fact, I´m not sure that anyone actually predicted the tornadoes. This happens so often in the financial world. With Brexit, I do not know what will happen. Deal or no deal. Take the money or open the box. Perhaps just phone a friend when necessary. I will just continue to jump the hurdles as they are laid out and not base my actions, or those of my family, on media guesswork, which is often a mile off the result.

Losing access to UK bank accounts
Headlines, both in newspapers and on the television, gave a couple of elderly people a shock. They believed they would lose access to their UK bank accounts after a no deal Brexit. This story first appeared in August this year and was highlighted again this week on television. The fact is that there will be certain banking facilities which, if there is no deal, may or may not, be available for a person living outside the UK. This refers more to deposit and loan arrangements, not to the account itself. Receiving money in the form of a pension may also be an issue in that, according to those who appear to know, making a payment from a UK pension to an EU country will be illegal. The alternative will be to have the payment made to a UK bank account for onward transfer to, say, Spain. For those, especially pensioners, who do not have a UK bank account after moving to Spain, it would be a good idea to open one in readiness for what might happen.

Mis-sold pension and investment plans
Unfortunately, I am being asked to help more and more with people who are suffering from poor financial advice. They have savings and pension arrangements that contain investments which arguably are not suitable and, to make matters worse, have not performed leaving policyholders with significant losses. In some cases, there is little we can do. The damage has already been done. However, in other cases we can restructure without incurring additional large set up costs, which are often part of the reason why these plans have not performed. We are always willing to take a look at investments without charging anything. If there is something that we can do, it will be organised in a fair and equitable manner with the details, blood, guts, and all, explained before you commit.

HMRC comes to the Costa Blanca
There was a presentation in Moraira this week with representatives from Her Majesty´s Revenue and Customs focusing on the obligation for UK tax residents to declare income from assets they hold outside the UK such as rent from a property or interest (no joke intended) on bank deposits or gains on investments. People have up until 30th September 2018 to make this declaration. For more detail you can visit this page from the UK Government website: www.gov.uk/government/news/hmrc-warns-its-time-to-declare-offshore-assets

The concern for some people was that they, as Spanish residents, had to declare, having missed the point, understandably, that the declaration was to be made by UK residents for foreign assets outside the UK. We already have the asset declaration for Spanish tax residents in the form of the Modelo 720. At Spectrum we can show you ways to position money within investments in what will still be EU jurisdictions post Brexit so that a) you don´t have to worry about what happens once the UK leaves b) you don´t have to declare the investment separately as this is carried out on your behalf and c) the beneficial tax calculation will still apply.

Kids back to school
Friday 7th September was the last day of summer holidays for our children, although my son will argue that they will continue until Christmas when the festive season kicks in. Since they were last in school, what seems like 10 months ago, but is actually only (!) 10 weeks, it is guaranteed that there will be a book missing or a broken pink pencil, our daughter´s favourite. However, we cannot get too excited. For our daughter, September is only half days and so work/school juggling is still a skill we have to develop.

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