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Testimonials for Barry Davys

Pensions are complex things. Rules, regulations and – a feature of recent years – changes to the rules and regulations. Please click here to read an actual Case Study which saved a client £468,331
Inheritances - Case Study

A Case Study

“Barry is an inspiring professional. He always displays true dedication to his work and his clients, working tirelessly to provide the best possible service. He is innovative and helpful at all times, ready to share his expertise with his colleagues. A valued and valuable member of the Spectrum team.”
Matt Deegan

Matt Deegan

Mr Blood has lived in Spain for eight years. However, as a result of a pension mis-selling review in the UK by a large UK bank he received compensation to cover a pension shortfall. The client was extremely satisfied with the amount of the compensation. Advice was requested from his independent financial adviser (IFA), Barry Davys of The Spectrum IFA Group, on how to invest this compensation to ensure that his pension fund returned to its true value.
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Mr Blood

“Barry demonstrates total dedication and passion for his work. He loves the world of finance, it’s clear in everything he does and he works extremely hard at providing the best service possible.”

Gillian Pollock

“Barry combines his wealth of financial expertise with an innate empathy to provide an expert, completely trustworthy financial service, tailor-made to each client’s specific needs, guiding you patiently along each step of the way. Highly recommended.”

Claire Terry

“Whilst at HSBC I attended client seminars with this adviser in Barcelona. It is clear that he has an excellent relationship with his clients due to his attentive and professional nature. He has proved to be great ambassador for the Spectrum Group.”

R. H.

International Sales Manager HSBC Global Asset Management
“Our meeting was useful and it was lovely to meet you. You inspired confidence but I am aware that you cannot control the markets!  Your suggestion to move some of the funds into a deposit account seems to make sense and I really wish this had been done three years ago.”

R. N.

“A rarity in his profession – a financial adviser you can trust, who takes a proactive approach to his clients’ personal cases.”

R. C.