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The Spectrum IFA Group was established in January 2003. Our financial planning advisers* demonstrate their long-term commitment to both their clients and the locality by residing permanently within the community in which they work. They have an understanding of expat life and the particular financial rules that apply in your country. Our advisers are qualified, experienced and regulated. Our financial planning team in our Barcelona office alone has over 83 years experience in financial services. In total we have over 50 financial advisers across Europe.

Our role is to create and provide solutions for expatriates and foreign residents by way of a broad range of products and services. These include currency exchange, bank accounts, tax efficient investments, QROPS, pensions, medical insurance and more. We also offer wealth management, where appropriate.

Financial Advice Europe

We design solutions for clients, where possible, that are cross border. For example, someone working in Spain, who subsequently moves to the UK but then retires to France will be able to retain their financial planning in each of those countries.

The Spectrum IFA Group comprises a group of companies formed in a number of jurisdictions. Spectrum continues to grow its business and expand distribution into other Western European territories as and when the market opportunities and legal framework are in place.

But enough about us, see how we can help YOU!


* In most EU Countries, financial planning advice is provided using and within highly tax efficient Insurance contracts.

Good morning Charles

I received the Momentum statement yesterday and I am pleased to see that the returns are pretty much as you advised they would be, if I have calculated correctly.
Assuming the declared portfolio values at 31/12/2017 are net of charges then my estimate of the yields are about 6.19% for Prudential and 6.42% for OMI, resulting a final combined net return of about 6.04% after Momentum’s charges are deducted as well.
And, additionally, I can add that the residual investment, after drawing down a monthly pension income, has risen by 2.28%, so all good!
So, I think you can consider me one happy client – thanks for your good advice sir!

Ian B,

We were told about Graham be a friend and we found him very charming, very professional and thorough. We can only say that we have been delighted with his advice and the work that he has carried out for us and the professional manner in which this was done. We have absolutely no doubt that we are in safe hands and cannot recommend him highly enough.


Throughout our discussions your service and attention to detail have been exemplary. The investment options were all very clearly explained and at no point did I feel pressured to make any decision. I have no hesitation in recommending you to anyone considering their investments and financial future.

Derek James,

Jonathan Goodman has always been a reliable and totally trustworthy advisor to me. He has always understood my own specific requirements and offered me the best options to fullfill them. He recognises my personal obtuseness, financially speaking, and patiently and charmingly explains the possibilities to me. It is simply a pleasure to meet with him and know that he has my best interests at heart.


John Hayward – We spoke to over a dozen IFAs before choosing to trust John with our QROPS. We went with John because he was open, honest and straightforward and are pleased to say that he still follows up any other concerns long after the schemes were set up

J.W. (Javea),

Thank you very much and pardon the late reply. I’m setting camp in Abu Dhabi and haven’t yet got an Internet connection. It’s all great news. You’ve done an outstanding job and I thank you. I’m looking forward to a meeting with you, so we can discuss this and future investments. I’ll be coming to the island by mid December, I hope. I’ll let you know. Thanks for keeping me posted. It’s wonderful to deal with good professionals like you.


My Spectrum adviser has advised me on many aspects of financial planning, from life insurance through to seeking finance for a business project. At all times he has been thorough, made decisions in my best interests and in tune with my requirements.


I have known this Spectrum IFA Group adviser for 8 years. She is with out doubt the most dedicated, conscientious and knowledgeable financial adviser I have ever met. She applies the same dedication to both small and large investment clients and is a credit to her company and profession.


Whilst at HSBC I presented client seminars with Spectrum advisers in Barcelona. It is clear that they have an excellent relationship with their clients due to their attentive and professional nature. The Barcelona Team has proved to be great ambassador for the Spectrum Group.


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